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Independent Digital Marketing & SEO consulting services for Outdoor and Environmental organizations by Brook Maier. Find services and inspiration. 


The Story of Rekinspire

Digital Voice For The Outdoors

What inspired REKINSPIRE?

Based out of Minnesota and Canada, Rekinspire began in 2014 by an outdoor enthusiast and marketing geek, me, Brook Maier. I was inspired by the genuine way that shared adventures can bring people together, and the power of passion filled outdoor communities. My mission is to help facilitate and grow those connections through fundraising and digital marketing services, collaborative partnerships, and resources that reflect the passions of outdoor recreationists. Regardless of what outdoor pursuits stoke your drive to get out there, I know our common thread is an appreciation for the land and water. It’s my hope that this community, my services, adventures and resources, help motivate people to pursue and share their passions in a way that builds love and support for the environment.

Why choose the name Rekinspire?

I am incredibly passionate about the outdoors and even more passionate about inspiring outdoor recreation. I combined two of my favorite words to create the name; take a look at the definitions of 'recreation' and 'inspire' to grasp the true understanding of Rekinspire. I believe it is what drives me to share my passion and marketing knowledge with others, while encouraging me to be better and do better for what gives me inspiration.  It is a combination of passion, sharing of knowledge and joint efforts, that get things done. 

Inspiring Outdoor Recreation.

Because The Environment Matters.

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