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Hiking Longs Peak - Colorado

3am Departure Time. Roughly 16 Miles RT. Keyhole Route. 
Epic Adventure. 

About 2.5 miles from the Boulderfield.

View of Longs Peak during sunrise in July and the approaching Boulderfield and campground with solar pit toilets. Be sure to bring toilet paper!

Campground at the Boulderfield - Longs Peak and the Keyhole in the background. This is where we stopped to take a break before heading to the Keyhole Route.

Going up the Trough. This took us the longest - be sure to rest before you begin and take deep breathes.

Looking down the Trough.

The Narrows.

Continuing along the Narrows.

View looking up at the Homestretch.

Two solar powered privies (pit toilets) at the Boulderfield.

Looking up at the Keyhole Route moving through the Boulderfield. Look closely and you will see the only shelter made from rock with two windows at the start of the Keyhole Route. The view on the other side is breath-taking. 

Past the Ledges.

Top of the Trough before the Narrows. Our jaws dropped as we topped the Trough and saw the views and journey ahead.

Homestretch. Level 3 scramble.

Looking down from the top of the Homestretch.

Longs Peak summit!

Packing List MUST HAVES For Long's Peak hike in colorado

  • Use this hydration calculator to help you decide how much water you should bring on this hike. Figure 1 Liter of water weighs 2 pounds and it takes the average hiker 8-10 hours to complete with stops included. Monitoring your water intake during this hike is important. Here is an article on three reasons why you get dehydrated faster in higher altitudes
  • 70+ lumens headlamp
  • Moisture wicking base layer
  • Mid-layer and those sensitive to sun may consider mid-layer with SPF technologies (contact us and we can get that for you)
  • Shell jacket or another outer-layer garment
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Sunscreen SPF30+
  • Moleskin kit
  • Good hiking shoes with fitting socks
  • Hat
  • Gloves so your hands don't get beat up by the rocks - work glove style
  • First Aid Kit
  • Healthy and filling hiking snacks
  • Trekking poles (some people use them and some don't - easier on the knees with them)
  • Map
  • Be aware that in 2014 Longs Peak was listed in the top 20 for Most Dangerous Hikes
  • Plan ahead, plan well, and let someone know when you are leaving and when you believe you should be back
  • You MUST be below tree line and on your way back to the parking lot no later than 1-2pm. More people die from lightening strikes up there than falling, storms generally roll in between 12-2pm mountain time.

Where To Stay?

While we were  visiting Estes Park, we stayed in the KOA Camper Cabins, which is roughly a ten minute drive from the trailhead, offers breakfast in the mornings and is very affordable. 

If you are interested in planning a trip out there with us or have any questions about the trip you have planned, feel free to contact us at