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Lake Louise Hikes in Banff, Canada

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Lake Louise Hikes in Banff, Canada

Brook Maier

We decide to leave the Lake Louise parking lot around 8am to beat the crowds, which we highly suggest doing. Our destinations in order from first to last were to Lake Agnes Tea House, the Little Beehive, the Loop to the end of Lake Agnes, hike down to Mirror Pond and over to Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House, back to the parking lot along Lake Louise. We hiked a total of 13 miles (20.5 kilometers) round-trip that day which took us roughly 6 hours with stops. Be sure to pack lots of water and warm/wind gear for the summits. Don't forget bear spray!

Ever wonder why or how the lakes in the area are so vibrant blue? It's because of the refraction of light off the rock flour deposited in the lake on a continual basis.  Pretty cool huh?

Lake Louise

Lake Agnes Tea House Hike

Even if you don't want to hike up to the Big Beehive, we suggest at least following the trail to the other side of Lake Agnes from the Tea House. It's a short, easy hike, that is definitely worth the views. Keep in mind, the Tea House closes for the season on Canada's Thanksgiving. From the Tea House we choose to do the hike to the other end of the lake and then hike to the Little Beehive to check out the view and the old lookout tower. The winds can pick up at the Tea House, so be prepared to put on a light jacket or rain jacket.

Little Beehive Hike

Photos below are from our hike to the Little Bee Hive overlooking Lake Louise and the Big Beehive.

Plain of Six Glaciers Hike

We started this hike from Lake Agnes taking the trail down towards Mirror Pond and over to Plain of Size Glaciers Tea House. This is a beautiful hike with some touching moments as you pass over where glaciers once were. You are able to see photos from where they once started to where they are now, as you are looking at them the entire hike up to the Tea House. The Tea House itself has an amazing history and story, be sure to read all the information signs while you're up there. It typically closes on or before Canada's Thanksgiving, so be sure to check the operation hours before you leave if you're planning to hike up for a hot drink. For more in-depth trail information, check out the information on Summit Post.

Moraine Lake

We were fortunate enough to watch the sunrise at Moraine Lake a day before they closed the road to the parking lot for the season. We went back later in the day around 5pm and did the short hike around the lake to admire it from all angles. Sunrise is between 8:45am-10:30am in mid-October.